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Have you ever seen, and wondered how they would feel on the wrist to the restrictions of thigh cuffs? Ever wondered if you would like to try ? If so...... Read more........ R, and I had discussed with them often and see how horny they saw, but never bought it........... so far. We had a weekend to attend a wedding and bought a set of R as a surprise to me. We were in our room was relaxing with a glass of champagne before being ready for the reception, when I was presented R. I was excited and could not wait to try. We had a great play and was in his underwear as R attached to my leg with the tip of my socks, a second later, my wrists were tied to my leg and was caught ! rubias19 It was the best feeling and I could feel my pussy juices run as. 'To be rubias19 disturbed, dumb, I do not want us,' became R for a moment and playing with his cell phone, I asked rubias19 him what he did, he said. Fantastic though Iught saw him naked and lick between my legs, and suck my clit as his fingers scanned my pussy... I was soaked and so eager to fuck me hard cock.............. Shit...... someone at the door. I thought damn, that was the room service and was surprised when he opened the door and Bestman R in there I was, spread over the bed, lying on slavery. For a moment I was embarrassed, but when I started to undress me the same thing happened with the rapidly growing size of your penis quickly impressed me the most ! R came and kissed me and pushed his tongue deep into my mouth and watched her tail was now swollen and dripping cummmmm, while the Bestman I took the liberty of my soaking pussy full of his cock sore hard now, shaved Hahn. It was not long until a damn stable, hard, the pace was great to get. I could not do anything but meet and take. I felt so hot, rubias19 I was struck both of them and not giving anything in rETurn but my appreciation. She handed me to my knees and my rubias19 face was pressed on the bed. The Bestman was fucking my pussy from behind, moaning and begging loved to fuck me more, spank me whenever R told me that shit, or gave a groan, I called his fuckslut and tell me what a dirty bitch naughty.... I knew it was hot to me only words. They were fucking me now any cock goes deeper and harder, my pussy was soaked rubias19 with my juices and I could hear the wet slopping sounds as each went into shock..... R said let me take your ass so the best man glided underneath me and helped me get through rubias19 to me in line...... it felt good to sit with him strapped to my arms or my legs, he was squeezing my nipples and rubbed my clit as I bounced on his cock, he told me : R pull down so that my ass was open to him..... I felt the cold jelly on my ass as his cock slid in... R O God, who was the bloody ghosttic feeling to be fucked senseless while I helplessly something ( even if I wanted ) to do about it was! The Bestman was breathing very hard now and he said he could not hold back, groaned and shuddered when he shot his cum deep into my pussy...... That was enough to send over the rim R, and he did the same, but he was inside my ass and I felt wonderful.......... The Bestman was in a panic now, as the first dance for about 10 minutes, they laugh when he had taken a shower in 2 minutes flat dressed and ran out of the room........... We were a little late for the procedure R took the time to finish my with an assortment of toys, (not to mention the empty champagne bottle at all ;-) ) Oh, and I could not, as the arms strapped to my thigh protests have........... unless it is attached to my neck now, but as they say, is another of Jerry Springer !
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